European Aerial Dance Festival 2019

Wow, so that was our 10th edition of the EADF 2019 and what a way to celebrate 10 years! What an amazing journey it’s been starting from just a 4 day event back in 2010 to a full 2 week programme.

Thanks so much to our amazing hosts at the Point for making us all feel so at home, to all the wonderful tutors who’ve supported the festival over the years with their talent, good humour, generous teaching and tireless enthusiasm and thanks to all you who’ve participated over the years – we couldn’t do any of it with out you. Here’s to the next edition in 2021 ….

And as a reminder last our fabulous sponsors Firetoys offer is still running. They’re offering  a whopping 10% discount on all purchases* when you quote the code ‘10for10’. Amazing huh?But it doesn’t end there, each time someone uses the ‘10for10’ code, Firetoys donates 10% of the sale to the European Aerial Dance Festival!

Sponsorship like this helps us raise valuable funds that mean we can keep offering:

– subsidised ticket prices to make the festival affordable for you

– world-class tutors that are leaders in the industry

– two whole tutors per class to make sure you have the highest quality training

– mentored teacher training opportunities for professional aerial artists, to support individual and industry development

– performance opportunities for participants and tutors to showcase the best and newest talent in the industry, and

– replacing tired aerial equipment – cos’ sometimes things need replacing to keep you safe.

The code is available for the next 12-months only, so you can keep it in your pocket for a rainy day. You don’t have to be an EADF participant to use the code – you can share it far and wide. And by doing so you’re spreading double the love – 10% off for you and your buds and 10% investment to support a world-class EADF.

Win win eh? Brilliant.