Nimble Arts Aerial Teacher training courses 2020

Another year of Aerial Teacher Training ,our 6th we reckon with the wonderful Serenity Smith Forchion from Nimble Arts done and what a gorgeous, enthusiastic, fun group of aerial teachers they were, taking the work seriously but not themselves.

Here’s some of their feedback :

Keep doing what you are doing. This course is such an incredible resource and learning tool for inexperienced teachers like me but also a chance for those who have more experience to reflect on their own personal teaching style and make improvements. It was a pleasure to learn from someone as knowledgeable, talented and accommodating as Serenity. Thank you!

I have nothing but praise for this course.

There is so much to even mention! Spotting was a big one for me. I’ve learnt new and improved techniques that make me feel safer and the student feel more secure. I was so impressed by these methods. I’ve also learnt a lot more about the safety and mechanics of the equipment, e.g. the movement and momentum. The other big thing I learnt was about teaching style and my goals in teaching. I’ve learnt to be clear and concise in my language and cater for different learning styles.


Do let us know which of the Foundation courses and beyond you’d be interested in by contacting Lindsey here