Siren Song (2012)

With innovative set design and finely crafted aerial dance performed to a hauntingly evocative and driving soundscape, Siren Song tells the story of a lone siren and two sea faring voyagers cast adrift.

Viewed in the round, and suitable for outdoor events and flexible indoor spaces, the dancers ebb and flow across the structure diving through calm seas and troubled waters and soaring out into the audience.

Designed by Steve Edgar (The Dream Engine), directed by Darshan Singh Bhuller with aerial choreography by Lindsey Butcher (Gravity & Levity) the collaboration combines these individuals’ strengths to create an inventive and captivating aerial dance performance.

Siren Song was an extensive reworking of a previously performed ‘work in progress’ Re-flex.

Choreographed by Lindsey Butcher and the dancers with Darshan Singh Bhuller as advisor/mentor.

Filmed in rehearsal at Brighton Dome.
Performers: Nikki O’Hara, Lindsey Butcher, Vanessa Cook,
Set design: Steve Edgar (The Dream Engine)
Aerial rigging design: Jonothan Campbell
Costume design: Holly Murray
Lighting: Rich Garfield
Filmed and edited by Mark Morreau

With huge thanks to Brighton Dome and Festival and the tech crew.