Shift 2008

Shift was design led from the outset to create an environment where several structures and artistic voices could comfortably co-exist. Played out on a moving sculptural set, the work brought collaborators Luke Cresswell and Steve McNicholas (Stomp) alongside two formidable choreographic talents – the intensely physical Charlotte Vincent, (Vincent Dance Theatre) and the sublimely lyrical Charles Linehan to form an intimate and intriguing triple bill programme.

Working with the performers skills as experienced and accomplished dancers, utilising harness and flying techniques this production challenged the collaborators to fully explore the movement possibilities created in suspending bodies – ‘the freedom of restraint’.

  • Mish Weaver – Set designer
  • Kevin Finnan – Associate production director
  • Jonothan Campbell – Aerial technician
  • Michael Mannion – Lighting designer
  • Charlotte Vincent – Choreographer
  • Charles Linehan – Choreographer
  • Luke Cresswell – Choreographer/composer
  • Steve McNicholas – Choreographer/composer
  • Daniel Weaver – Composer
  • Scott Smith – Performer/composer
  • Vanessa Cook – Performer
  • Guy Adams – Performer
  • Jennifer Paterson – Performer
  • Holly Murray – Costume design