Wallflower – Taking Flight

The original concept for Wallflower arose from a counter-weight harness solo created by Yael Flexer for Lindsey in the production Wallpaper, a Bedlam, Physical Recall and Circus Space co-production.

Jane Hodges deft short film finds Butcher springing off and sprinting along a brick wall. She rises only to drop slowly down again like a pensive spider. In a nicely disorientating touch to the film Butcher is occasionally glimpsed duplicating her filmed shapes behind the screen<

Donald Hutera, The Times

The strange slightly sinister air of the piece was reminiscent of an insect spinning and twisting in the half light

Virginia Bridgewater, The Argus

A clever film beautifully choreographed combining a dancer behind a gauze cleverly interacting with the projected image to great effect

Robin Strapp, Newbury Weekly