Premiering in 2023, ‘Crawdaddy’ is an aerial dance piece for three veteran performers who tumble, spin and glide through a bespoke aerial set.

The tensile strength of their connecting ropes exposes their trust, mutual support and friendship alongside their vulnerability as they navigate the nature of human relationships from different perspectives, both literally and metaphorically.

Played live Scott Smith’s taut steel guitar strings and harmonica release raucous blues and swampy atmospheric loops for the piece’s imagined setting of backyard Americana.

‘Crawdaddy’ has such atmosphere; Scott Smith’s soundscore creates a tangible sense of the American deep South, whilst Charles Linehan’s superb pacing and choreographic language is spellbinding.  The performers are so experienced that even when there are high risk moments, we can abandon doubt and embrace the skill and deftness of the movement and the performance. Brilliant.’

Cath James, Artistic Director, South East Dance

The Creative Team

Lindsey Butcher, Lee Clayden, Scott Smith

Charles Linehan

Scott Smith

Set design
Mish Weaver

Holly Murray