Rites of War – UK tour 2014

Created by Lindsey Butcher & Darshan Singh Bhuller with David Loyn

‘Laudably free of khaki-coloured nostalgia and brutally clear-eyed about the endlessness and senselessness of war’.  The Guardian

Rites of War is an aerial dance performance described by audiences as ‘captivating’, ‘dumbfounding’, ‘visually stunning’, ‘beautifully crafted and brilliantly performed.

From the trenches of World War 1 to the streets of present-day Afghanistan, the impact of war on the lives of ordinary men and women is powerfully told through crafted choreography – both on stage and in the air – fused with film, poetry, music and contemporary news commentary.

For over a decade, Gravity & Levity has been at the forefront of aerial dance in the UK. For Rites of War, Artistic Director Lindsey Butcher collaborates with acclaimed choreographer Darshan Singh Bhuller and longtime BBC war reporter David Loyn. The result is a rich tapestry of striking imagery that will leave indelible marks on the mind.

Gravity& Levity’s Rites of War at Laban tonight was a multi media, multi dimensional triumph. A stunning way to mark Remembrance day’ Twitter 

‘Tears, open-mouthed astonishment, awe, smiles and total gut wrenching emotion … Rites of war stole a bit of my heart’ Audience Member

‘Feasts of emotive visual tableaus… striking and provocative’ Total Theatre Magazine

‘No. 1 Dance show to see this month’ 
Time Out London (May ’14)

 ‘Beautifully rendered choreography by the talented ensemble’ femalearts.com


Direction & choreography: Darshan Singh Bhuller
Aerial dance: Lindsey Butcher
Advisor: David Loyn
Set, lighting & video design: Will Reynolds
News content: Jane Saur
Sound & music editing: Thor McIntyre-Burnie
Aerial rigging design:  Jonothan Campbell
Costume design: Holly Murray

Performers: Johnny Autin, Lindsey Butcher, Richard Causer, Jamie Higgins, Magalie Lanriot and Nichloas Minns.

Co-commissioned by Stratford Circus and produced in association with The Point, Eastleigh and Luton Hat Factory.

Rites of War is supported by Arts Council of England through the National Lottery.