Portrait & Landscape – vertical dance conversations

Portrait & Landscape – vertical dance conversations

Portrait and Landscape was conceived by Wanda Moretti with Kate Lawrence and our Lindsey as a way to connect the global vertical dance community, despite the current restrictions we face on movement and travel.

Over the course of 2021, some of the worlds leading vertical dance choreographers will propose a series of ‘gifts’ for our vertical dance community, comprised of a varied set of interventions: presentations, videos and practical lessons. They will also introduce a next generation vertical dance artist to present their work at each meeting.

Coming up next on July 7th we have however we have  Wanda Moretti and next generation artist Eleonora Dall’ Asta

Tickets are free but limited Portrait and Landscape 6

The full schedule of events is subject to change but currently runs as:

Season 1

3 Mar                          Kate Lawrence                      Esther Wrobel & Maliina Jensen

17 Mar                       Jo Kreiter                               Helen Wicks

5 May                         Chantal McCormick            Ria Murphy

Season 2

19 May                       Brenda Angiel                          Ana Armas

2 June                         Amelia Rudolph                     Roel Seeber

7 Jul                            Wanda Moretti                      Eleanora Dall Asta

Season 3

21 Jul                          Lindsey Butcher                    Kat Cooley

4 Aug                          Antoine le Menestrel            Claudie Gatineau

15 Sept                       Eduardo Torres                     Juan Leiba

Season 4

6 Oct                           Joanna Haigood                   Alice Shepherd

20 Oct                         Fabrice Guillot                      Scheherazade Zambrano

3 Nov                            Julia Taffe                              Diana Lopez – Postponed from 28 April

Supported by Wales Arts International with translation to Welsh courtesy of Bangor University @MDPBangor.

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